How To Generate More Leads to Your Business Online

 5 Marketing Tips That Will Help You Win More Leads

Are you looking to take your business to the next level? If so, you need to be employing the best marketing tactics. Read on to learn about the top ten that will help you score more leads.

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You know that search engine marketing (SEO for short) is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy.

What you’re not quite as sure of?

How you should shift and adapt your current marketing plan to be more digitally focused.

Do things like site design, blogging, local search, and social media really matter?

In a word: absolutely.

In this post, we’ll break down five of the most important advertising ideas that your business needs to start focusing on in order to get more conversions and rise in the search engine results.

Then, we’ll tell you the professionals that you can rely on to help you to put these invaluable marketing tips into practice.

1. Optimize Your Website Design

The first step in understanding how to get leads using digital marketing?

Make sure that your website is properly optimized for SEO, or search engine optimization.

This means that you need to focus on providing your website visitors with the most seamless user experience possible. Your website should load quickly, whether on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

Images and videos should load completely, and you should aim to get rid of as many pop-up features as possible to speed things up even more.

Of course, security is also essential. You should also enable browser caching, and ensure you’re working with a secure HTTPS connection.

You’ll also need to be certain that website browsers can find exactly the products or services that they’re looking for. This means you should consider installing a chatbot on your website. This is a kind of online customer service representative, which uses a robotic chat feature to guide visitors through a natural sales funnel.

It can also answer questions about your products, shipping speeds, and additional topics.

You might even include a click-to-call feature on your website, so that consumers can get in touch with you directly if need be.

Be certain that you include links to your social media profiles on every internal page of your website. This will help you to nail a social media-based re-marketing campaign in the future.

Finally, one of the most important marketing tips is to be certain that you include your contact information on all the pages of your site — not just your homepage.

Taking these steps will ensure that people spend more time on your website and click on more internal pages. This increases what’s called your site’s “dwell time.”

Sites with a higher dwell time rank higher in search engine results.

2. Connect with Your Local Market

The most creative marketing ideas are also often the most local one.

Think about it.

Who is more likely to do business with, for example, your landscaping company? The family that lives four states away, or the homeowner that’s a mile away from your office?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why local marketing is so important — but it’s truly shocking just how many companies overlook it.

This means that, by focusing on location-based advertising ideas, you’ll easily get a leg up on the competition.

If you’re focusing more on a physical advertising, you might sponsor a local sports team, host a silent auction in your town to benefit a local charity, or even flyer.

But when you’re working within the digital sphere?

Local marketing looks a bit different.

You’ll want to start by claiming your Google My Business listing.

Then, fill it out with as much information as you can. Include online reviews, accepted payment methods, opening hours, photographs of your storefront and products, and much more.

Additionally, make sure that you include a Google Map on your website, as this will help you to show up in the navigation results of local shoppers.

You’ll then need to start working on a location-based keyword strategy for your business.

If you’re based in Manhattan, for example, try a keyword like “best bakeries Upper West Side” or “top bakeries NYC.” Get as specific as possible, as this will help you to show up in the search engine results of the people who are the most likely to pay your business a visit.

3. Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

Another way to understand how to get leads that turn into long-term customers?

Consider starting an e-newsletter, and include a box where site visitors can enter their email addresses to sign up on each internal page of your site.

This way, you can let your users know about new product launches, restocks, in-store events, and much more. You can even feature snippets on your employees, so that your market can get to know your brand on a deeper level.

Above all, an email marketing campaign gives you the chance to examine the data behind your target market.

You can check out the email open rate, count and track the number of subscribers you have, and much more. You’ll learn when the best time to send out these emails actually is, and evaluate which types of content are the most effective.

Plus, it’s an awesome way to ensure that your brand always stays in the minds of your customers.

4. Social Media Matters

Of course, if you want to know how to get leads, then you’ll also need to master social media.

But far too many companies make the mistake of getting on as many social media platforms as possible. What should you be doing instead? Taking the time to learn which platforms your target market spends the most time on, and focusing your efforts there.

For example, if you’re a fashion company, then chances are that your market will spend most of their time on Instagram.

But if you’re a publishing house?

Your market will likely be on Twitter.

While we’re not saying that you shouldn’t utilize multiple social media platforms, you should focus on one above the rest.

This is especially important for those who are interested in re-marketing. This is the process of showing photos of and links to items/services that people put in their carts or looked at in the past, but didn’t actually end up buying.

When they see these items in their social media feeds, they’ll be much more likely to finish that purchase.

Another key aspect of social media is consistency.

Make sure you don’t end up muddling your branding by using different profile pictures, hashtags, and even language/lingo on different social media accounts.

Keep things consistent, so your followers can find you no matter where they are.

5. Focus on Long-Term Search Changes, Not Trends

One of the most important marketing tips that we can offer you?

When you’re trying to up your digital marketing strategy, don’t get seduced by current trends that will be outdated within a few weeks.

Instead, look to identify things that have actively changed the ways in which people search for things online.

For example, Google recently revealed that a shocking 20% of all mobile searches are done through voice search.

This means that you’ll need to ensure that your content is optimized for voice searches. Do this by answering common questions related to your industry, and by choosing “who, what, where, when, and why”-based keywords.

Another popular marketing “trend” that turned into a long-term strategy that changed the way people search?

Video marketing.

After all, YouTube is now the second-biggest search engine in the world.

This means you’ll need to focus on not only creating engaging and interesting video content. It also means you’ll need to categorize it properly, write keyword-dense descriptions, and even optimize closed captioning for SEO.

If you want to master online marketing, you need to avoid trends and instead concentrate on making your content relevant to how people are likely to search for things online.

Meet the Professionals Behind These Marketing Tips

We hope that this post has helped you to get a feel for the different types of marketing that you should use to grow your business and connect with your target market online.

Remember that taking the time to optimize your website, focusing on newer disruptions like video marketing and voice search, and claiming third-party listings are all essential steps to improve any marketing strategy.

Of course, we know that sometimes, you need the expertise of a professional to put these marketing tips into practice.

That’s where our team comes in.

Check out our website to learn more about the wide variety of SEO services we have to offer.

When you’re ready to make a change for the better, reach out to us to get started.

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